Accelerated VDI

Applications ARE your business.

No matter what your role is in technology, be it management, engineering or support, everyone at every level in your IT organization is engaged in one singular effort… application delivery.

All too often, the typical approach to managing and deploying IT infrastructure loses focus on this goal and this results in outcomes from projects that barely meet the criteria, or outright fail to deliver.

We avoid these bad outcomes by thinking differently about building and managing these application delivery platforms.

By keeping the focus on application performance and the overall user experience, we avoid the problems associated with virtual desktop projects and consistently deliver easy to manage, high performance solutions.

Our desktop virtualization platforms deliver truly scalable solutions for customers of all sizes, across a wide range of industries requiring high-quality desktop virtualization and high-speed and even 3D graphics.

All types of use cases from data entry to high-end 3D graphical designers are no longer tethered to physical workstations, but can gain the mobility and flexibility they need to be productive while accessing their virtual desktop environments and mission-critical and graphics-intensive applications anywhere, on any device.

Our solutions also simplify VDI management and reduces the time needed for desktop patching, provisioning, and updates from hours to minutes. End users benefit from an uncompromised experience that is consistent across devices and locations, delivered across a quality-of-service (QoS)–enabled, disaster avoidant “always-on” infrastructure that is application focused and virtual desktop aware.

StableData takes the headache out of realizing the full potential of virtual desktop infrastructure.